Howard Gossage – The ad man who wasn’t a mad man

Let me tell you about Howard Luck Gossage (yes, Luck really was his middle name). Gossage was an ad-man back in the 60s. He created quirky, imaginative ads targeted at people like himself. He understood how to appeal to his own demographic perfectly - and firms would pay him to create ads to sell to … Continue reading Howard Gossage – The ad man who wasn’t a mad man

Let’s be friends with subjectivity and bias

A slightly older lady I had never seen before approached my desk. "Are you Dan?" she asked. I decided it was best to admit that I was. I like a prank as much as the next person, but there was work to do. "It's about this email," she explained, clutching a piece of paper. This … Continue reading Let’s be friends with subjectivity and bias

What don’t you do?

“What do you do?” Let me take you inside my head for a bit. I promise I’ll let you out again. “What do you do?” I’ve just met this person. Maybe they’re a friend of my girlfriends. Usually they’re the partner of my girlfriend’s friend and I’m being introduced in a “hey, you are both … Continue reading What don’t you do?

We be podcastin’

Recently I was interviewed on the Upp B2B podcast - Uppwards. Covering marketing automation, the buying process, and a good helping of behavioural economic theory. Listen now > Hey, now you've read this why don't we connect? You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Or you can signup for The Cream, my semi-regular email … Continue reading We be podcastin’