Things I’ve made

Action Science Theatre

Action Science Theatre is a podcast in the style of a radio play, that mixes action, science, comedy and silly voices to create a welcome distraction from real life for 20 minutes or so. It is unquestionably the finest free online audio drama you can get without trying any others.

A Strange Museum

A short-run comedy audio drama podcast – 5 tours of A Strange Museum.

False Flags

False Flags is a Twitter bot that thinks everyone and everything needs a flag. It was built using Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Designed Things

Pretty Muddy T-shirt
A t-shirt for a our work Pretty Muddy team
Stockport Silver Band 150 Poster
Poster for Stockport Silver Band’s 150th anniversary concert
And Then There Were None poster
Poster for And Then There Were None play

Three Sisters programme cover
Programme for Three Sisters play

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