Branding or blanding?

I’d recently been noodling on the awfulness that passes for branding sometimes. I read a bunch of articles that supported by view.

That in the quest for consistency some companies end up ‘reverting to the mean’. They make something that’s more blanding than branding.

Branding is supposed to be about standing out with a clear identity, not being the same as everyone else. Continue reading

When marketing isn’t marketing

Sometimes we know the things we’re doing aren’t the things we should be doing. There are always behaviours and tasks that we do because they’re habits, or because we haven’t thought them through well enough.

“You sent that to how many people?”

We should just come right out and say, “we can do this, but it’s not marketing.” Continue reading

The trust bank

A lot of marketing process is quite automated and mechanical. When you’re looking at numbers in a dashboard it’s easy to become detached from the fact you’re dealing with real people.

One metaphor I’ve used to help with this thinking is the idea of a ‘trust bank’. An account between you and a person you’re communicating with.

A photo of a bank sign
“Excuse me, are your pens attached to surfaces?”

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