Getting away with it

“Three Aldi adverts claiming customers could make significant savings were misleading, the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled.

A TV advert claimed a £70 Aldi shop would cost £98 at the “big four” supermarkets.

Morrisons and two members of the public complained the adverts did not make it clear Aldi’s own-brand products were being compared with branded products.”

From the BBC website.

Is the idea of marketing to get away with as much as you can? It feels like that sometimes.

We say that trust is important. But then we behave like it isn’t if it gets in the way of some scheme or other. Continue reading

Taste, feelings, and brands

So, Dairy Milk has a new slogan:
‘Tastes like this feels’.

It has been noted that this isn’t a million miles away from Coca-Cola’s:
‘Taste the feeling’.

According to Marketing Week, Cadbury’s global brand equity director Nikhil Rao, “insists that Cadbury’s focus on ‘consumption experiences’ gives it a point of difference”. I assume a consumption experience is when you eat something. Continue reading

Branding or blanding?

I’d recently been noodling on the awfulness that passes for branding sometimes. I read a bunch of articles that supported by view.

That in the quest for consistency some companies end up ‘reverting to the mean’. They make something that’s more blanding than branding.

Branding is supposed to be about standing out with a clear identity, not being the same as everyone else. Continue reading