Getting away with it

“Three Aldi adverts claiming customers could make significant savings were misleading, the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled.

A TV advert claimed a £70 Aldi shop would cost £98 at the “big four” supermarkets.

Morrisons and two members of the public complained the adverts did not make it clear Aldi’s own-brand products were being compared with branded products.”

From the BBC website.

Is the idea of marketing to get away with as much as you can? It feels like that sometimes.

We say that trust is important. But then we behave like it isn’t if it gets in the way of some scheme or other. Continue reading

Go the fudge to sleep

Meditating. Journalling. Mind mapping. Brainstorming. Short work weeks. Mindfulness.

There are lots of ways to try and improve your productivity. To gather your thoughts and work more effectively.

We all have that little voice nagging away at us that we could be doing more.

“See that Tim Ferris? He’s already done more than you by the time he has his morning non-standard, quirky cup of tea than you do all day. Get on it, loser.”

I tell you what I find helps. Always has. A good sleep. Continue reading

Virtual insanity

(With apologies to Jamiroquai)

The future of marketing is in virtual reality, apparently:
Why Virtual Reality is the ultimate storytelling tool for marketers

So, people will buy a virtual reality setup to play games or enjoy other forms of entertainment. And already we’re trying to think of ways to gatecrash it and fill it with our ‘stories’?

Look! Hands!
Photo by Maurizio Pesce

This is the same way we’ve gone with lots of channels – and it hasn’t worked out well for us.

How about rather than trying to invading peoples lives in every way we possible can, we concentrate on building trust and adding value for them?

Virtual reality of games and experiences seems like an interesting idea. For advertising? Not so much.

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Unhelpful segmentation – Millennials

Millennials or Marketingus Focusi. Not a day goes by without an article appearing claiming it can help you understand and sell to this trendily defined generation.

It’s odd how sometimes we totally reject stereotyping and generalising, and sometimes we embrace it wholeheartedly. Like in so many areas of life it seems we’re trying to find the simplest answer to a complex question – how do we segment in a useful way?

At this point I’ll usher you in the direction of the ever excellent Mark Ritson on segmentation. And for a forthright visual interpretation let me point you to this presentation by Adam Conover:

Continue reading

Taste, feelings, and brands

So, Dairy Milk has a new slogan:
‘Tastes like this feels’.

It has been noted that this isn’t a million miles away from Coca-Cola’s:
‘Taste the feeling’.

According to Marketing Week, Cadbury’s global brand equity director Nikhil Rao, “insists that Cadbury’s focus on ‘consumption experiences’ gives it a point of difference”. I assume a consumption experience is when you eat something. Continue reading