Pareto and what we unleash

A side comment in a meeting stimulated a thought.

“I don’t think most of what’s on the internet is any good.”

“What, you don’t like what’s on our website?”

“No, I mean in general. All of it.”

Pareto 80/20 mug
Only 80% of this tea is actually tea
This helped to crystalise something that’s been pinging around in my noggin for a while. Why do I think we publish what we publish on our website? Or on our social channels? Or any advertising we put out? Or basically anything we unleash on the unsuspecting world?

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Your next hire should be a grizzled, old marketing veteran

Sometimes things are better when they’re older. Wine, perhaps. Whiskey. Cars (have you seen cars from the 50s?). Houses (we had a plasterer round who I discussed the concept of “character” with – we came to the conclusion it’s wonky bits).

And sometimes things are better when they’re younger (or newer). Underwear. Milk. Toilet seats. Continue reading

Repeat a hundred times “correlation does not imply causation”

I am someone who has adapted themselves to long journeys. I find myself making trips of 2 hours plus on a regular basis. Therefore I have embraced the world of podcasts.

I could spend quite some time listing recommendations for you, and in fact I will in another post. But this morning I was listening to the excellent More or Less from the BBC (broadcast on Radio 4). Continue reading