New beginnings

When I was a kid, one thing I used to look forward to was the start of the new school year. Not because I wanted to go back or anything (I wasn’t a gifted student – too easily distracted) but because I looked forward to getting a new school bag, and a new set of stationery. It’s the small things.

I still stick to this ritual to a degree. This year I’ve bought a new watch – something to wear to my new job (more on that anon, I’m sure).

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I also like to start a new notebook for a new year – with plans to approach the use of this one in a fresh way. To be neater, tidier, more focussed in application. Of course, after a few weeks it ends up like all the others – a difficult to follow mess. This probably more accurately reflects the way my brain works.

Nonetheless, today I open a new notebook for 2021 – let’s see if we can approach things more tidily. Will you join me?

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