5 thoughts on how I got here for 2018

Someone recently asked for 5 concepts that have made me successful. It made me think, which is always a nice thing. Success is relative, of course.

Photo of man thinking
I do all my best thinking with sunglasses on…

So, here they are – I’m reusing them as thoughts on how I got here for 2018 – what are yours?

  1. Give and take. Especially with those you work with. Be a teacher and a student. Don’t put your arms around things, be open to letting others get involved.
  2. Build momentum. Be decisive, and pragmatic. Keep pushing things forward, even if its only a little at a time. Slow progress usually speeds up with energy behind it.
  3. Be open-minded. Opportunities will come, and you need to be ready. Don’t rule things out because of previous experience, or biased thinking.
  4. Be a fixer. Make things work. If something doesn’t, fix it. Solve the problems. Be can do. Be there for others who have problems that you can help fix.
  5. Develop resilience. Life slings rocks at you. Rocks of various sizes, regularly. Trying to dip, dive, dodge, duck and dodge will only get you so far. Learn resilience. Remember, you’re not the first, last, or the one who has it worst.

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