Your next hire should be a grizzled, old marketing veteran

Sometimes things are better when they’re older. Wine, perhaps. Whiskey. Cars (have you seen cars from the 50s?). Houses (we had a plasterer round who I discussed the concept of “character” with – we came to the conclusion it’s wonky bits).

And sometimes things are better when they’re younger (or newer). Underwear. Milk. Toilet seats.

Marketers love new things. New shiny things. Marketers are like magpies. But with more of a focus on ROI.

But that doesn’t mean marketers are different from anyone else. They’re not. People assume new = better.

Experience has so much value. My mug has had so many teas through it that if it gained sentience I’m convinced it could make an excellent brew. It would know the mistakes to avoid, the methods that work, the biscuits that don’t collapse after a single dunk.

Marketing is a young persons game. Especially when you feel you need someone who came out of the womb as a digital native.

But maybe you need someone who’s been there, done that, and understands what works?

Photo of a marketing veteran
“Millennials look better blurry”

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
Paulo Coelho

I have a few examples of good, grizzled marketing veterans.

But don’t let me tell you who to hire. You need to decide that for yourself based on what you think your team needs to succeed.

As I find myself groaning more and more every time I get up, I just ask you to consider the value of experience.

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