Unhelpful segmentation – Millennials

Millennials or Marketingus Focusi. Not a day goes by without an article appearing claiming it can help you understand and sell to this trendily defined generation.

It’s odd how sometimes we totally reject stereotyping and generalising, and sometimes we embrace it wholeheartedly. Like in so many areas of life it seems we’re trying to find the simplest answer to a complex question – how do we segment in a useful way?

At this point I’ll usher you in the direction of the ever excellent Mark Ritson on segmentation. And for a forthright visual interpretation let me point you to this presentation by Adam Conover:

The thing I always ponder after establishing a marketing concept is flawed, is ‘what to do next?’ How to try and capture hearts and minds in a different direction?

Should we conclude that it’s unhelpful nonsense and simply ignore it? Or if we want to be listened to by the wider marketing community, as so much advice often suggests, should we use their language?

I could fill my blog with articles on “Top 5 ways to Engage Millennials” and I’d get the clickety-clicks. Perhaps I could get those clickety-clicks by subterfuge and try and convince readers that the received wisdom is wrong? Someone has to try and stop it, surely?

Or perhaps I’ll just stick to grumbling on my blog. And have a nice cup of tea. Yeah. I’ll do that.

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