Taste, feelings, and brands

So, Dairy Milk has a new slogan:
‘Tastes like this feels’.

It has been noted that this isn’t a million miles away from Coca-Cola’s:
‘Taste the feeling’.

According to Marketing Week, Cadbury’s global brand equity director Nikhil Rao, “insists that Cadbury’s focus on ‘consumption experiences’ gives it a point of difference”. I assume a consumption experience is when you eat something.

A photo of pigeons eating
Mmm… Delicious feelings.


Clearly they’re both acting on the idea of tying their products to emotions. Which is a potentially powerful concept. But it’s a concept that everyone knows about, and is trying to act on.

If we’re all following the same rules for our marketing, and especially our branding, we’re going to end up all looking very similar. You then have to spend more time explaining why you’re different.

How about you? Do you want to taste all the feels? Or do you just want a sugary drink and some chocolate?

Image courtesy of bossfight.co

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