Branding or blanding?

I’d recently been noodling on the awfulness that passes for branding sometimes. I read a bunch of articles that supported by view.

That in the quest for consistency some companies end up ‘reverting to the mean’. They make something that’s more blanding than branding.

Branding is supposed to be about standing out with a clear identity, not being the same as everyone else.

I noodled over what I was going to say to add to the discussion.

And then some clever, talented people made this. Which makes the point perfectly:

Screenshot of the blandly website
How many people will take this seriously?

Check it out at

I’m going back to my noodling,

Oh look, some further reading:

From brand to bland: How creativity gets suffocated at birth by Paul Kitcatt

Brand not Bland by Oliver Horton

Against Sanitised Football: Can fans fight back against clubs who seek to ignore their history for bland branding? By Alexander Shea

Brands’ inane ‘visions’ have lost touch with what consumers really use them for by Mark Ritson

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