When marketing isn’t marketing

Sometimes we know the things we’re doing aren’t the things we should be doing. There are always behaviours and tasks that we do because they’re habits, or because we haven’t thought them through well enough.

“You sent that to how many people?”

We should just come right out and say, “we can do this, but it’s not marketing.”

For example:

  • Acquiring lists and blasting them with emails without consent
  • Sharing everything we produce on every channel
  • Using automation to primarily take care of our customers and prospects

This quote, I think, sums it up rather well:

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…”

Theodore Roosevelt

I became a marketer to do the best job at it I could. To connect people who can solve problems with the people who have those problems.

Getting the attention of potential customers, and persuading them you are the right solution, should be hard. It should require work, skill and effort.

Don’t take shortcuts because you can. They often have consequences.

Image courtesy of bossfight.co

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