Got complexity? Think icebergs

Photo of an iceberg
I shall call her Bob, because she bobs.

Complexity. There’s a lot of it about. And it isn’t impressive, so don’t you go showing off about it.

It’s easy to let things get complicated.

Take a website. There’s probably lots you want to do with it. Lots of information you want to put on lots of pages. You can see it all sprawling out in front of you as far as the eye can see.

But what do you want to happen with it? You want people to read it. To find the information. So it has to be navigable, searchable. They have to find their way around easily.

Not very easy with a menu with dozens of options, and sub-options. And sub-sub options.

And this is where the iceberg comes in. The top part (your homepage, your about page etc.) is a nice simple selection that describes what you’re all about.

And then there is the underneath – lots of SEO optimised landing pages focused on key topics. They look like the main site, and they have the top nav.

They get visits from organic search, and of course you can reference them in your content. They’ll end up bringing huge amounts of good traffic to your site. But you don’t need to try and get them all in front of every visitor to your site.

The iceberg analogy is a useful way of thinking about lots of complexities. So I’ll probably mention it again. Look forward to that.

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